Marketing Main Street – Small Town Business Solutions

As more and more businesses go online to market to their niche, an entire industry has generated an industrious six or seven-figure profit margin, maximizing their ability to contract out marketing, internet marketing, and production development as well as hiring entire sales teams. Is your business capable of such exponential growth?

Some key factors necessary to put your hometown business on the map include willingness to go beyond the typical ‘online brochure’ that is so popular in today’s online web development industry. If you’re willing… Let’s see if you’re capable.

1 – Are you willing to color outside the lines?

In most industries, new business owners inherited the business from a parent, or parents, and continue to run the business much the same way their parents ran the business. If this is your game plan, good for you. If you’re not willing to consider any other method of doing business, stop reading now. You’ll be wasting your time. But, if you’re willing to think beyond the traditional family business, and consider some new marketing concepts, let’s get started.

2 – Are you willing to find affordable solutions?

Affordable websites, the kind that you have help building and support to maintain, along with some help developing content are completely affordable. Quality content is easy to write, or you can purchase content (often from your web designer) to increase your presence online. Developing an affordable website with designer who caters to small main street business owners can be a huge benefit, because you’ll learn how important marketing can be to growing your profit margins.

3 – Do you have access to generational information?

If your parents ran the business before you, they might be an excellent resource for solution-based content on your website. If you’re part of the sandwich generation, with a huge desire to bring your children into the business, here’s a perfect opportunity. Invite your middle or high school student to interview your parents and write articles for your website. Small town entrepreneurs, home-grown business owners, and generations of knowledge and information go together like socks and shoes. Using your obvious access to applicable knowledge to build your online business is absolute genius!

4 – Did you know solutions presented on your website determine profits?

Whatever your business is, there are people looking for solutions. And you sell the products, services, and if you’re online – information – to make life easier for those who find you. Consider for a moment that you run a party-line business, and sell products used in planning and having a party. Three or four local home based workers have come together to create ‘themed events’ and you’ve agreed to pass around their business cards at the store. But you have customers who come into the store all the time, asking for party ideas… How about posting those party ideas on your website, so they can pick a party, select their party supplies, and gather ideas for making their party successful, before they come to the store? You’ve saved them time, and given them a means of support that doesn’t cost you ‘by the hour’. Do you think more customers might come to your party store?

5 – Don’t be a know-it-all!

Invite your customers to leave comments on your articles, and offer ideas of their own! The best way to grow a network of buying customers is to invite your customers to become participants in your marketing efforts. Perhaps a customer has a great solution, and they want to share it? Do you leave open space for discussion, comments, and ideas shared by customers? Open your website up to comments, and invite readers to leave comments.